Joe and Carole Sherry, pictured, tragically drowned at South Ballina.
Joe and Carole Sherry, pictured, tragically drowned at South Ballina. Contributed

Scammers cash in on Sherry kids

REPORTS of fraudulent fundraising for the Sherry children, whose parents drowned at South Ballina two weeks ago, have angered and disgusted legitimate appeal organisers.

Scammers have been doorknocking homes in the Camden area, where the Sherry family lived, claiming to be collecting on behalf of Northcott Disability Services through a doorknock appeal.

The service issued a formal statement on Tuesday warning residents about the heartless scam.

Andrew Plint, chief executive officer of Hannah’s Foundation, which is organising the Sherry Family Appeal, said he was disgusted that people could take advantage of other people’s tragedy for their personal gain.

“We fully support any action taken by the police in relation to unlawful fundraising,” he said.

“This appeal was set up in good faith with permission of the Sherry family to assist the children, and our charity has worked very hard to ensure that donations are going to the right place.”

Hannah’s Foundation has currently received $149,010 in donations and paid out on behalf of the children for the funeral expenses.

“The balance of the appeal account is for educational and other costs relating to Monique, Elise and Nicholas, and the foundation only ever pays on invoices authorised by the family,” Mr Plint said.

“Hannah’s Foundation is the only drowning prevention, awareness and support charity licensed in NSW, and I would encourage anyone donating to any charity to ensure they are fully licensed and registered.”

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