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Save money at the bowser and go independent

FUEL price cycles do not always add up to savings at the petrol station.

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury says independently owned fuel outlets were the best money-saving options for Northern NSW motorists.

Mr Khoury said the normal cycle of high and low fuel prices was of greater benefit to capital city drivers.

"Once you get out of the capitals, it becomes less about cycle and more about competition," he said.

"It is more about whether or not you live in an area where there are independent outlets because then it is likely that your town is going to be cheaper than the one down the road that doesn't have independents."


Mr Khoury urged motorists to do their research before filling up.

The NRMA offers a price watch app on its website that compares average price of fuel across towns and cities.

"You can find the best prices in your region and, if you are driving through a cheaper area for work or another reason, it gives you that option of being able to fill up at the cheaper location," Mr Khoury said.

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