Sarah Harris: Here’s what Amber Sherlock should’ve done

Studio 10 and Shark Tank presenter Sarah Harris.
Studio 10 and Shark Tank presenter Sarah Harris. Channel 10

STUDIO 10 host Sarah Harris admits she's had one or two Amber Sherlock-style meltdowns on set in the past - but says the embattled Nine presenter could've easily dampened the public interest in her now-infamous leaked video.

Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa on their Nova 96.9 program this morning, Harris admitted the video - in which a furious Sherlock can be seen admonishing reporter Julie Snook at length over her choice of wardrobe - was "pretty funny to watch."

"I just think the pile-on she's copped since has been disproportionate to what she said. When it comes to women having a disagreement, people like to pitch in from the sides and say 'Catfight! Catfight!'," said Harris, who admitted that some of the off-air conversations among she and the rest of the Studio 10 panel are "filthy."

"I don't think she spoke that nicely to her colleague, but we've all had a bad day. Unfortunately that 'bad day' sometimes happens in front of people," Harris said, before revealing her own personal 'Amber Sherlock moment' - an onset meltdown that occurred back when she was working on the Nine Network's Today.

It became world news, but Harris says Sherlock (centre) might’ve been able to keep it quiet with a different approach.
It became world news, but Harris says Sherlock (centre) might’ve been able to keep it quiet with a different approach. Contributed

"I had a bad day once when I was working for The Today Show, where I dropped the F-bomb three times when I thought I was off-air. There were audio problems, and I said to the link operator - who I was very good friends with - 'Mate, we've gotta sort this f***ing earpiece out, I can't f***ing hear myself think.'"

"That went to air, and there were polls on whether I should lose my job," she revealed.

While both Sherlock and Snook offered brief damage control statements the day after the video leaked - Snook insisting the pair are actually friends, Sherlock admitting she may have overreacted - the story only grew, making international headlines and even becoming fodder for US talk show hosts.

Harris said she thought a different approach from Sherlock may have helped to snuff the story.

"I wonder if she'd just said 'I'm so sorry, I had a bad day, we're great mates, I've taken Jules out and I've told her I'm sorry ..."

Ultimately, Harris said, the incident should serve as a reminder to on-air talent everywhere.

"You're part of a team, you're a cog in the wheel. A tiny part of the team."

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