Ned Saffin in February 2008.
Ned Saffin in February 2008.

Saffin gets a fresh chance

THE son of federal MP Janelle Saffin has been given a chance to rehabilitate before he receives a final sentence for his role in an armed robbery last year.

Edward "Ned" Saffin fronted Lismore District Court  charged with being an accessory after the fact in relation to the armed robbery of the East Lismore Bowling Club on July 28 last year.

In May, Saffin pleaded guilty to the charge, which attracts a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment.

Last Friday, Judge James Black adjourned Saffin's sentencing and placed him on section 11 pre-sentence bail.

Section 11 allows a person to be released on bail before their final sentence so the judge can assess the prospect for rehabilitation or whether rehabilitation has been undertaken.

Conditions of Saffin's bail require him to live with his parents and undertake an assessment for rehabilitation.

Saffin, who was watched by his mother from the public gallery, will re-appear in the District Court on June 8 next year.

Judge Black noted Saffin had spent six months and 24 days in remand for the armed robbery and had undergone a few months of rehabilitation.

Police facts state Saffin and Kristopher Smith drove Joshua Southgate and Shaun Peckham, to the bowling club on July 28 last year.

Southgate, armed with a rifle, and Peckham then robbed the club of $5000.

They gained entry into the club by smashing a glass panel with the butt of the rifle.

Once inside the club, Peckham yelled at a bowling club employee, "where is the money?".

In response, the employee pointed at the safe.

After searching the safe and stating that there should have been more money, Peckham said "just shoot the bitch".

The employee was shaken but uninjured after the offenders fled the building.

Police raided a house where Southgate was residing shortly after the robbery and located the stolen money buried in the backyard.

Saffin is the last of the offenders to be dealt with by the judicial system.

Southgate and Peckham pleaded guilty to armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and were sentenced to seven years with a non-parole period of four years, nine months.

Smith pleaded guilty to accessory after the robbery and received a two-year suspended sentence.

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