Safety more important in workplace than zero bullying

A NEW survey has found a safe working environment is of higher importance in a workplace than a zero bullying tolerance.

Queensland law firm Trilby Misso's survey found that when asked "what makes a good workplace?", 50% said safe working environment while 24% cited the bullying policy.

Trilby Misso general manager Michael Broughton said another 14% chose good leadership while 12% ticked good work-life balance.

"Unfortunately, many of the personal injury claims we receive are a result of preventable workplace accidents," he said.

"We have found in recent years that there's been a spike in accidents involving workers involved in mining operations and also in the agricultural sector, where there are a lot of seasonal workers involved.

"Despite stringent workplace health and safety laws in Queensland, there are many accidents where there has been a failure to adhere to safety procedures.

"In some cases this is a result of poor workplace procedures and supervision."

The most recent data on Queensland's mining industry reported there were 2344 "high potential incidents" - potentially fatal near misses - in just 12 months.

Nationally, in the past 12 months, 11 people have been killed at Australian mines with two crushed to death while working at a New South Wales site owned by Yancoal on Wednesday.

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