Dr Ruth Mossad holds grave fears for her homeland as anti-government protests engulf the nation.
Dr Ruth Mossad holds grave fears for her homeland as anti-government protests engulf the nation. BEV LACEY

Fears held for Egypt

WITH Egypt on the verge of collapse after waves of bloody anti-government protests, Toowoomba resident Dr Ruth Mossad is fearful that her homeland will be thrust into outright anarchy.

Along with her family, Dr Mossad fled Egypt 21 years ago, escaping the oppressive regime and deciding to settle in Australia. She works as a mechanical engineer at the University of Southern Queensland.

“In Egypt if you did not conform, you were harassed and eventually forced out. Living in Egypt is a very uncomfortable life. Everything there is difficult. You always felt hindered or threatened,” Dr Mossad said.

Tensions between supporters of embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and opposition protesters have boiled over, with violent clashes breaking out in Cairo's Tahrir Square over the past week.

“The people have had enough of being oppressed and the government has not, or never has for that matter, listened to the people and it has just exploded into all-out chaos,” Dr Mossad said.

The trouble erupted after President Mubarak refused to step down before the September elections.

Dr Mossad said she feared for the lives of her countrymen in the aftermath of the protests.

“There is no obvious leader for the opposition for the people of Egypt to rally behind, and I am fearful that the ramifications President Mubarak will impose on the protesters if he remains in power will be deadly,” Dr Mossad said.

With Egypt facing massive political and financial instability, Dr Mossad believes that the conditions were ripe for “a greater devil” to rise to power in the historically unstable nation.

“There is no obvious future for Egypt at the moment. There are so many political parties in the national landscape.

“The radical Muslim party has a very large and influential supporter base, and if they are allowed to form government, by whatever means, it will not only be catastrophic for Egypt, but for the whole Middle East,” Dr Mossad said.

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