Russell gives Katy style advice

RUSSELL Brand has been styling Katy Perry.

The comic actor - who married the 'Firework' hitmaker in India in October - encourages his wife to show off her curvy figure and is particularly keen on helping select her stage outfits.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Russell is very hands-on with all Katy's dresses and loves giving his opinions.

"He always tells her to show off what God has given her.

"Russell now really gets involved with what Katy wears. He gets a buzz helping with those decisions."

Russell, 35, has previously admitted that he and Katy, 26, have an influence on one another's wardrobes.

He said: "I would like to endorse that idea. I think I've started to wear more colours and she's started to go darker. She's started to dress less like a pantomime character and is a bit more sexy - a bit grown up."

Though the 'Get Him to the Greek' star loves styling his wife, he has previously claimed he never finds shopping for himself very fulfilling.

He explained: "My look is a collision between bondage, 70s rock 'n' roll and a gentleman at the Henley Regatta. I don't go shopping much because I find it hard to commit to an object. Will I ever wear these? Then I question the value of consuming, trying to make yourself feel better just by buying a pair of shoes. I think, 'Will I feel better after I've bought these shoes? Or will I just be some shoes.' "

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