Roundhouse plan confirmed

"We lost." Those were the disappointed words of Roundhouse Action Group (RAG) co-convenor, Jan Mangleson, after Byron Council last Thursday voted to push ahead with the subdivision of the prime Ocean Shores site.

Action Group members had hoped that the council would support the rescission motion moved by Cr Diane Woods to overturn the decision to develop residential lots on the site and then support a plan to turn it into cultural and community site featuring an art gallery, theatre, museum and restaurant, combined with 21 holiday units.

However, with the rescission motion beaten, the council confirmed its decision last month to subdivide the site and hold back two lots from sale with a view to them being utilised in the future for community purposes.

The council has allocated $1.2 million for the project, including a loan of almost $1 million.

Mrs Mangleson said RAG supporters were “quite stunned” by the decision because they believed most councillors had not fully looked at the RAG business plan for the site.

She said a request by RAG to make a presentation of their business plan to councillors had been rejected.

RAG members were “disgusted” to learn that the council had been paying $30,000 a year for the last years for the security fencing around the Roundhouse site, she said.

Mrs Mangleson said the council was going to embark on a speculative development project in one of the worst property markets in decades and without a recent appraisal of building costs.

Despite her disappointment, Mrs Mangleson, said RAG was not giving in. She urged supporters of the RAG proposal to write to the Premier Barry O’Farrell and Local Government Minister Don Page and ask them to intervene.

“I am determined to keep fighting,” Mrs Mangleson said. “I just have a vision of building on that knoll.
“It’s going to go there.”

A Roundhouse fundraising dinner will be held at the Ocean Shores Country Club at 7pm May 14 with a ‘Back to the Seventies: The Way We Were Then’ theme.
Inquiries can be made to 66801108.

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