One of the pictures of Warwick High School teacher Helen Casey that appeared on Facebook.
One of the pictures of Warwick High School teacher Helen Casey that appeared on Facebook. Warwick Daily News

Sexy teacher pics disgust students

WARWICK State High School students have said they were “disgusted” but not surprised when sexy photos of two teachers appeared on social networking site Facebook, while Education Queensland has told the pair to clean up their internet imagery while investigations continue.

Yesterday the Daily News revealed images on English department head Ann Kerr’s Facebook profile which depicted and named her and fellow English and IT teacher Helen Casey wearing mock school uniforms with fishnet stockings, perched on a bathroom vanity in sexually suggestive positions.

Ms Kerr’s suggestive profile picture was changed to a modest race-day shot yesterday morning and her raunchy album entitled ‘First day of school’ had been deleted, but one “friend” told the Daily News the racy shot still appeared for all her friends to see in her profile photos album.

A Year 12 WSHS student – who cannot be named – said all her friends used Facebook and were aware of the photos.

“I think it’s disgusting especially as they’re teachers. But I wasn’t surprised they had photos on there,” the 16-year-old said.

“They’re our teachers, they should have known better, but it’s still shocking.”

Another Year 12 WSHS student phoned the Daily News saying he was “embarrassed” by the teachers’ behaviour.

“It’s foul, a big turn-off,” he said.

“We don’t really know what’s going on. All the teachers have told us they can’t talk about it (the Facebook photo scandal); we were told to stay in the school grounds during the lunch break and not to talk to the media waiting outside.

“They (Ms Kerr and Ms Casey) have kids of their own; my mum doesn’t act like that.”

Warwick Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Strategy Group chair Bette Bonney said she was “disturbed” by the images.

“Whether it is women, men or teenagers they should be careful because if they’re willing to risk their dignity and respect, they’ve lost it to those who saw the pictures,” Ms Bonney said.

Warwick State High School Parents and Citizens Association president Glen Reid said the Facebook incident which involved the two teachers was “unfortunate” but the P&C “fully support the school”.

“From a P&C point of view, we have total faith in the school,” Mr Reid said.

“This issue is being dealt with by (Education Queensland Darling Downs and South West) regional director Greg Dickman.

“I’ve been a member of the P&C for seven years and president for six and it’s a fantastic high school. I had two children at the school for seven years and they are two wonderful, well-balanced young people.”

Southern Downs Regional Council mayor Ron Bellingham declined to comment on the incident, while Ms Kerr hung up when contacted by the Daily News via phone.

EQ Darling Downs and South West regional director Greg Dickman said the department was continuing its enquiries into the material posted on Facebook, with no suggestion the pair would be stood down in the meantime.

“In the interim, the regional office has advised two staff members to ensure their Facebook profiles are in line with the expectations of the department,” Mr Dickman said.

“Education Queensland takes a fair and balanced approach to performance management and conduct issues and all staff are given the opportunity to respond to matters raised in relation to their work performance and conduct.”

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