Rock up to the Malibu Classic

STARTING today is the 30th annual Byron Bay Malibu Classic.

It's on at Wategos Beach from this morning and will be running until the finals wind up at lunchtime on Sunday.

This event is the longest- running single-fin surf comp in Australia, or at least so I'm told.

Now it's true this is not a pro gig and it's not a mass- ive media circus, so leave the egos at home.

It is, however, a great little soulful comp with a long history that has raised more than $100k for Byron Bay charities over the years.

It's about mixing a little bit of soul with a fair whack of fun in the bay.

When you go in this one, you're giving back rather than taking away, and I reckon that's something worth getting involved in. So if you have some time on your hands get on down to Wategos this weekend, have look and give your support.

Humble though this event may be, it's hosted some really big names in surfing over the years. Rell Sunn, Joey Cabell, Robert August, Rusty Miller, Mellissa Combo, Lisa Nicholson, Sally Paxton, Bob Brown, China Eumera, Reynolds Wright, Anthony Stroud Watts, Gordon Gel, Ray Gleave, Ronny and Jason Blewitt, Andrew Mckinnon, Harley Ingelby and Brett Caller just to name a few.

There are far too many more great surfers to name here, but they all know who they are and they have all had a dig at the Byron Bay Malibu Classic at one time or another.

Hey, I've even been in it a few times too, and will be there this year to maybe have a go and of course shoot the event.

Okay; let's look at the waves for the weekend.

It looks like Huey will be smiling on the logger crew for the comp with some sweet little longboard- friendly waves.

We had a decent pulse of south swell yesterday that although it's slowly backing off will swing around more to the southeast and hover around the 1.5m mark for a day or so.

Sunday will see this swell drop back to about 1m but it will also swing more easterly.

So the drop in size will be compensated for by the swell direction.

The wind will be predominantly south to southeast all weekend, which does mean to get shelter from the wind also means smaller waves.

Remember to have fun, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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