Robber steals $900 and footy beanie

‘HARMLESS' robber Kurt Andrews held up a Byron Bay service station, then ran back inside to grab a rugby league beanie and an energy boost drink from the shop fridge before driving away.

Police soon caught up with the fleeing thief as he headed north along the Pacific Highway in his distinctive ute.

Andrews, 21, of Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast, pleaded guilty in the Lismore Local Court to robbing $900 from BP Ozigo service station at 9.45pm on June 16, the property of businessman Matthew Gollan.

Magistrate Robyn Denes ord-ered Andrews to be sentenced in the Lismore District Court at a date to be set in October.

The court will also take intoaccount a secondary Crown charge of larceny for stealing a Nestea Iced Tea valued at $4.

In agreed facts before the court on Tuesday, the service station console operator saw Andrews drive into the driveway just after 4pm in a white Toyota Hilux ute with a distinctive ‘lift kit' similar to one on his own ute.

At 9.15pm the same night, the ute was driven in again and parked. The operator noticed the driver was walking around outside acting suspiciously and hiding behind walls.

Andrews walked in and asked if he sold glass pipes because he wanted to ‘smoke some crack'.

When told no, Andrews grabbed an iced tea drink and walked out without paying. Thirty minuteslater he walked back in wearing a grey hooded jumper and told the operator ‘I'm going to take themoney'.

Fearing the man had a knife or syringe in his jumper the operator opened the cash register and And-rews took $900 cash and left.

Moments later he ran back in and stole a Gatorade drink and a Panthers rugby league beanie.

When police stopped his ute and arrested him at gunpoint Andrews was wearing the beanie. He told the officers he needed the cash to buy some pills.

When told he was under arrest Andrews replied: ‘Yeah mate, no worries, I'm harmless'.

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