Byron council to revise water charges for developers

BYRON Shire Council will revise the section 64 developer contribution fees for water supply and sewerage works and place them on public exhibition for community consultation.

The change is being made as a bid ensure development costs for water and sewer charges are spread more equitably across the area 

The proposed new charges would see the cost per developed lot drop from over $37,000 in Mullumbimby to just over $25,000.

One Mullumbimby developer is already happy with Council's decision to review the charges.

"A change like this would mean that land at our devel- opment would remain affordable," said Eric Freeman from Tallowood Ridge.

"A couple of years ago the fees for water and sewer were $18,500 per lot. They were then increased to $37,739, which is more than a 100% increase.

"A revision such as this will reduce the amount of contributions for water and sewer in Mullumbimby to $25,130."

Byron Shire Mayor Simon Richardson said the proposed new fee structure will encourage growth in the Mullumbimby area.

"Out of all the areas in our Shire, Mullumbimby has the greatest potential for new development.

Bangalow, Ocean Shores and Brunswick Heads would see a drop from about $30,500 per house to just over $25,000. Byron Bay would see an increase from $20,600 to just over $25,000.

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