Restricting Muslims in Toowoomba isn't fair: opinion

YOUR SAY: Who dreamed up and why did the Toowoomba Regional Council agree to the bizarre and contradictory decision to severely limit attendance at the new, expanded mosque which it had approved?

With increasing numbers of Muslims living in Toowoomba the expansion and extra parking make perfect sense, the reduction in numbers of worshippers makes none.

Religious buildings are for the community, not a select few.

Has a church congregation ever been treated in this way?

Have faith leaders ever been told to turn away their flock, locals and visitors?


And whose job is it to enforce such a petty decision or does a council officer attend every gathering to ensure numbers aren't exceeded?

The Friday noon prayer may accommodate 150 but at all other times no more than 50 worshippers may attend.

Does this refer only to prayers or does it include other religio-social events?

It is so patently absurd that it is hard not to interpret the council's action as anti-Muslim discrimination despite claims of Toowoomba priding itself on its acceptance and inclusiveness.

Think again, councillors.

ALLAN BRUCE, Toowoomba


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