Westpac Rescue Helicopter
Westpac Rescue Helicopter

Rescue efforts drive photographer’s film tribute

AT THE scene of a crash, it often begins as chaos.

But as emergency services crews arrive and take charge, a calm settles in and when the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter arrives, it's as if the cavalry is on scene, because it means those injured are with a doctor and will quickly be at a hospital getting treatment so urgently need.

Freelance photographer, Frank Redward has been covering triumphs and tragedies for 10 years and having witnessed first hand the exceptional work of these lifesavers, he decided it was time to make them a tribute. Mr Redward pieced together still and video footage taken during his career on the North Coast and created a video, WestpacHelicopter Tribute.

"In my opinion these guys are the top of the tree when it comes to the care and human compassion they show at these scenes," Mr Redward said

"A person's life can be thrown upside down in an instant and precious life can be slipping away; that's where our emergency services shine.

"Very few people see the wonderful things emergency services do to save a life and of how they comfort people at the scene of a crash. I wanted to showcase how people are helped, be it road crashes, floods, mishaps at sea, or any other accident.

"Westpac Life Saver Helicopters, including the Lismore-based Lifesaver 4, are only partially government funded.

"My hope was that apart from showcasing the amazing and daring rescues the crews perform, maybe people who see the video might think about donating, after all it might be us or a loved one that needs their help next time."

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