Couple renews vows at McDonalds

EDITH Schultz was relieved not to have to take a cardboard cut-out of her husband Denis along to McDonalds West Toowoomba this morning.

Mrs Schultz recently entered a 4GR radio competition to find Australia’s first couple to marry or renew their vows in a McDonalds store, hoping to get the honeymoon she never had.

But she was a little concerned Mr Schultz might not see the funny side even if it did culminate in a free honeymoon.

Fortunately Mr Schultz, along with family and friends from as far away as Brisbane, took the morning off work to enjoy a rather unusual vow renewal ceremony.

There were trays of chicken McBites, bacon and egg McMuffins, chicken McDippers, hash browns and drinks going around guests on high quality brown plastic trays.

A large fibreglass Ronald McDonald made it into most of the couple’s new wedding photos, one of which will feature the bride and groom sharing food in classic style.

But it won’t be wedding cake they’re sharing in that photo, it will be a freshly fried hash brown.

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