Showing people the beauty of Fraser Island is Mike Heber’s passion.
Showing people the beauty of Fraser Island is Mike Heber’s passion.

Fraser Explorer Tour guide is the best job around

EVERY work-day morning Mike Heber springs out of bed at 5 with a smile at the ready; he dons his khaki uniform and heads off to the office - a cycle he repeats five to six times a week.

Forty-something-year-old Mike is a Fraser Explorer Tour guide and self-confessed "Fraser Island tragic".

His office is a 10-tonne bright green bus called Froglet and the view from his portable workplace is Fraser Island's fabulous, ever-changing, World Heritage-listed sandscape.

According to Mike, a visit to Fraser Island on a family holiday in 2004 led to a life changing tree change - and he couldn't be happier.

"I've spent most of my life growing up on the NSW Central Coast in customer-service related positions or running my own small businesses," he said.

"When we visited Fraser Island in 2004, I fell in love with 75-Mile Beach, the island and the sea, so we spontaneously decided to make a list of pros and cons for moving. The list ended with only one con - uprooting our son from school - so we ended up selling our home and our business and relocating to the Fraser Coast.

"I'm a people person and have spent most of my life in hands-on roles with people. I can handle a vehicle and love my off-roading, so I found myself applying to an ad for a tour guide with Fraser Explorer Tours and, hey presto, I found my dream job."

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According to Mike, each day is different, so he never has a chance to get bored with the job, the company he keeps on tour nor the view.

"With a job like this, I don't need to travel overseas for the simple reason that foreign travellers come to me," he said.

"On an extended two- or three-day tour, you really get to know them and we swap stories about my island home and the weird and wonderful places where they live.

"It might sound corny, but I love every minute of my job - I mean who wouldn't?

"It really is a surreal feeling driving through the sub-tropical rainforest knowing it's growing completely in sand; the beaches are mind-blowing and the perched dune lakes are magic," Mike said.

"I even come here fishing on my days off with my teenage son and my wife - who loves Fraser, but not the fishing - so she's just content to sit on the beach and read.

"I wouldn't swap my life or my job for quids."


You can join Mike Heber as a tour guide on Fraser Island

OUR office on the world's largest sand island could be yours.

What do you get when you combine the world's largest sand island, with a dose of sunny Queensland weather, tropical waters and World Heritage-listed surrounds?

An incredible holiday destination and an incredible job opportunity.

Fraser Explorer Tours offers a variety of one and two-day tours ex Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay.

They are looking for people, just like Mike, to take to the sand tracks in their custom-designed 4WD buses to show off the region.

For more information on the tours, visit:

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