Byron Bay rapper The Viking N3.
Byron Bay rapper The Viking N3.

Rapper takes on politicians on latest music video

THE Viking N3 is a Northern Rivers rapper and hip hop artist with a style that has been honed on stages around the country and popularised online via social media.

Nery Rosano, aka The Viking N3, is an MC and rapper who was born in Australia from Latin American parents, and who grew up in Spain.

In 2006, The Viking N3 performed and received an award for best Latin male singer/songwriter at the Los Angeles Music Awards, for a political song he wrote with his father about dictatorships in South America.

Living in the byron Shire for the last three years, The Viking N3 released his last music video, (a remix of Kendrick Lamar's) HiiiPower.

The MC is working hard on a yet unnamed project.

"We have been working hard, because we are independent artists, and we need to work hard and use social media, so we are building a fan base while working on a new project I would like to release maybe mid year," he said.

"I am hoping we can do a nice Australian tour and also head to other countries.

The Viking N3 said he has ten songs that he could possibly use in the release, but it will only be an EP as he is planning for a full album later on.

Asked about his music style, The Viking N3 said its is high-energy rap with a strong socially-conscious component.

"Music needs to be used as a tool to spread knowledge and a message and people have lost that, in hip hop specially," he said.

"I am a hip hop artist that actually has something to say.

Asked about where does that message come from, The Viking N3 said it's a family legacy.

"The message comes from a long line of musicians. My family comes from South America and Spain," he said.

"In South America they have gone through some harsh dictatorships, and some of my family members have been victims of that.

"When you stand back and watch the news and things keep escalating you feel like saying something.

"There is something very wrong in this world that needs to be brought to the attention of the people.

He admits he has softened his style recently too, even if just a little.

"Before, I was very anti-establishment, but now I am trying to lighten up and bring some positivity, and try to spread messages of hope, love and peace," he said.

"I've been given the gift that I can rage as well, so I can appeal to the rougher crowd and maybe bring them to the happier place too."

On his latest music video, released three weeks ago,The Viking wore a Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask and has some harsh words for PM Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump.

The music video has generated some positive and negative reactions online, but overall The Viking N3 is happy with the reaction.

"(The reaction) was very positive. When you are going so extreme at the government and the establishment, of course there are people with other beliefs out there," he said.

"Those people feel threatened as soon as you mention something that they believe in.

"A lot of people get very defensive but that's fine. I can take criticism and know where they are coming from.

"It's been positive for me and it's shaken a few people up but it has bee positive overall," he said.

WARNING: Strong language

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