Juice Wrld. Picture: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for MTV
Juice Wrld. Picture: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for MTV

Rapper eerily predicts his own death

An unearthed tweet, ominous song lyrics and even a viral TikTok challenge related to rising rapper Juice Wrld have taken on macabre new meanings after his shock death just a few days after his 21st birthday.

The American rapper, who had just completed a sold-out Australian tour, died after suffering a seizure at a US airport on Sunday. The star - real name Jarad A Higgins - was reportedly bleeding from the mouth and suffering seizures when paramedics arrived, according to TMZ. He was rushed to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.


Back in 2017 - a year before his breakthrough hit Lucid Dreams hit the top 10 in Australia, the US and the UK - Juice Wrld was a rising star with a few EPs and mixtapes to his name. On April 27 of that year he posted a tweet that has resurfaced since his death today:


"PLEASE JUICE. PLEASE MAKE THIS TWEET A REALITY. WE WON'T BE MAD. WE JUST DON'T WANT YOU GONE," wrote one fan today in response to the newly resurfaced tweet.

"Okay so please tell me this was all fake," said another.

"For the love of all that is holy I pray to God this is all fake and he really is just faking it," wrote another fan.




Juice Wlrd also appeared to predict his own death in the lyrics to his 2018 single Legends, which referenced music's infamous "27 Club" - artists like Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin dying at the age of 27.

"What's the 27 Club? We ain't making it past 21," Juice Wrld rapped in the song.

He turned 21 on December 2 and died less than a week later.


This is perhaps the most grim coincidence surrounding Juice Wrld's death. Fans had been using popular video platform TikTok to film themselves taking part in the #LucidDreamsChallenge, which had chilling similarities to Juice Wrld's death after he suffered a seizure in a Chicago airport.

Performing Juice Wrld's biggest hit Lucid Dreams, fans would fake a seizure during a part of the song in which the music skips. The compilation video below - posted to YouTube a full month before his death - showed dozens of different TikTok users miming along to Juice Wrld's biggest hit, then pretending to have violent seizures as the music skips:


Fans are today reeling at the sick coincidence. "Who's here after the worst news of 2019?" asked one YouTube commenter today. "This challenge did not age well," said another.

TMZ reports Juice Wrld suffered a seizure while walking through Chicago's Midway Airport after getting off a plane. He was reportedly conscious while being transported to hospital but was later pronounced dead.

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