Random finds in other people's fridges...

What have you found in other peoples' fridges that you found odd?
What have you found in other peoples' fridges that you found odd? KERRY THOMAS

OPINION: WHAT people do or don't put in the fridge can be a bit mind-boggling at times.

I remember when I found my grandmother's eyeliner in the fridge and thinking she's put it there accidentally (she had a notorious habit of losing items or putting them in odd places), only to discover later it had been placed in there so the pencil part would harden and therefore be easier to sharpen.

Then I recall my mother visiting me in North Queensland many moons ago and flabbergasted that I put bread in the fridge. My excuse - I'm a single person and do not eat bread fast enough to consume it all before it goes mouldy, particularly with the mould rate in the tropics.

Plus, there were little ants that loved getting into my loaves of bread when they were kept in the cupboard or on top of the bench.

And while I admit I have unusual fridge habits, I am still fascinated with people who put tomato sauce in the fridge, vegemite, flour, rice, lipstick, peanut butter, and other quirky bits and pieces.

The reason why this sparked my interest today was I read an article about the pros and cons of keeping eggs in the fridge versus the pros and cons of keeping them in the cupboard.

Apparently eggs are fine kept in the cupboard for a week, versus salmonella growth stops if they are kept in the fridge.

Again, single, live alone, wouldn't eat the cartoon of eggs fast enough for them to keep in the cupboard. Plus, according to the article I read, the salmonella is an issue in eggs from overseas and I try to buy as local as possible.

What have you found in other peoples' fridges that you found odd?

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