RACING Queensland chief Darren Condon will be removed from his role following the greyhound racing live baiting scandal.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk stood down Mr Condon earlier this month following recommendations from the Queensland Governmennt inquiry into live baiting.

He was asked to show cause why he should keep his job.

Racing Minister Bill Byrne today announced he had decided to recommend to the Governor in Council that Mr Condon be removed from his role.

Mr Byrne told Mr Condon his decision on Thursday.

"After issuing Mr Darren Condon a notice to show cause on 2 June I received submissions from him on 17 June," Mr Byrne said.

"I have now given his submissions genuine consideration.

"Mr Ian Hall of KPMG will remain as the Acting CEO of Racing Queensland.

"I have taken this decision based on the best interests of racing, the welfare of all animals and the integrity of the sport."



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