Extra holidays for Queenslanders?

THE gap between New South Wales and Queensland could get even larger if a radical plan to shake up the school and public holiday system goes ahead.

According to Premier Anna Bligh and a discussion paper titled Getting the Balance Right, Queenslanders could be celebrating the Queen's Birthday public holiday in the second half of the year and enjoying an extended school holiday break at Easter.

The review is seeking feedback on three proposals relating to holidays in Queensland including: moving the Queen's Birthday to create a new summer public holiday, allocating an extra public holiday when Christmas, Boxing or New Year's days falls on a weekend and expanding state school Easter holidays from six days to two weeks.

"Holidays observe important public occasions like Anzac Day and Australia Day but they also give workers and families a chance to rest and have fun together. They let us all balance our work and family life better," said Ms Bligh.

"Our lives are becoming busier and busier and that's why I feel it is important that we get the maximum benefit from the public holidays that we have."

Education and Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick said the review was prompted by calls from the public and stakeholders to spread public holidays more evenly through the year.

"This proposed change will involve shifting three student-free days in state schools and adding one extra day to the Easter holiday period," Mr Dick said.

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