REVEALED: Are dog owners being ripped off in Qld?

Revelations dog owners pay 10 times more than they should.
Revelations dog owners pay 10 times more than they should. Christopher Chan

QUEENSLAND dog owners are paying up to 10 times more in dog registration fees than New South Wales dog owners.

A comparison study by Australian Regional Media has found Queensland dog owners pay on average $1500 more in registration fees per dog during it's lifetime.

This is based on the average dog living to 15 years of age.

Under Queensland's Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, any dog over the age of 12 weeks must be registered in the relevant local government's area for the period and fee fixed by that council.

We have compared the yearly registration fees for these 10 Queensland councils: Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone, Fraser Coast, Bundaberg, Gympie, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Warwick. 

Based on these figures, the average cost of a whole dog (not desexed) is $113.20 and the average cost of a desexed dog is $38.12.

This is per dog per year.

In New South Wales, it is compulsory for all dogs over the age of six months be registered at a cost of $195 for a whole dog and $53 for a desexed dog - for life.

This means Queensland dog owners are paying nearly nine times more than NSW dog owners for whole dogs and 10 times more for desexed dogs.

A Biosecurity Queensland spokesperson said Queensland doesn't offer a lifetime registration option because yearly suits the community's needs better.

"Under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, the maximum term of registration is three years.

"The Queensland Government believes that a maximum term for registration better suits the needs of the community than lifetime registration, as it gives greater assurance that registration details can be kept up to date and accurate."

In NSW, under the Companion Animals Act 1998 and the Companion Animals Regulation 2008, all registered dogs are entered into the NSW Companion Animals Register, a state-wide database.

Funds raised from dog registrations in both states are used for similar purposes.

In Queensland, registration fees are used for providing identification for animals, registration of dogs and effective management of regulated dogs and promoting responsible pet ownership as well administering "local laws relating to the management of dogs".

In NSW, all registration fees are paid into the Companion Animals Fund.

The money in this fund is then used for administration of the Companion Animals Act 1998 and for paying local councils for purposes that "relate to the management and control of companion animals in its area".

The Biosecurity Queensland spokesperson said registration fees are set under local government laws.

"However the registration fees must be used for achieving the purposes of the Act and administering local laws relating to the management of dogs.

"The Act requires local governments to provide incentives for desexing, such as lower registration fees for desexed dogs.

"Revenue collected through the registration of dogs and cats enables local governments to fund general animal issues, such as patrolling for wandering dogs." 

This means dog registration fees vary from council to council.

When comparing the fees, we found Ipswich is the most expensive council to register a dog with and Gympie the cheapest.


MACKAY (yearly fees - expire June)

  • Whole dog $109.50
  • Desexed dog $48.75

ROCKHAMPTON (yearly fees - expire August 31)

  • Puppy $30
  • Whole dog $109.50
  • Desexed dog $48.75

GLADSTONE (yearly fees - expire October 31)

  • Whole dog $85
  • Desexed or microchipped dog $45
  • Desexed and microchipped dog $22

BUNDABERG (yearly fees - expire August 31)

  • Whole dog $104
  • Desexed dog $37
  • Microchipped dog $74
  • Desexed and microchipped dog $27

FRASER COAST (yearly fees - expire August 31)

  • Whole dog $125
  • Desexed dog $57

GYMPIE (yearly fees - expire October 31)

  • Whole dog $95
  • Desexed dog $21
  • Desexed and microcchipped dog $0

SUNSHINE COAST (yearly fees - expire September 30)

  • Whole dog $130
  • Desexed dog $29
  • Desexed and microchipped dog $13

IPSWICH (yearly fees - expire end financial year)

  • First year introductory registration $20
  • Whole dog $135 ($165 after due date)
  • Desexed dog $45 ($75 after due date)

TOOWOOMBA (yearly fees - expire June year)

  • Puppy $49
  • Whole dog $97
  • Desexed dog $30

WARWICK (yearly fees - expire calendar year)

  • Puppy $35
  • Whole dog $138
  • Desexed dog $35
  • Also offers three yearly fees

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