Q&A with Hungry Kids of Hungary

WITH a debut album and a national tour under their belt, have the Hungry Kids of Hungary had their fill of adventure? Not at all. There’s still dessert to come once the tour raps up in June. AMELIA TURNER caught up with the newest member, guitarist Remy Boccalatte.

What do the Hungry Kids of Hungary hunger for when they get peckish?
Shrimp and white wine.

Complete the following: watching Hungry Kids of Hungary onstage is like watching...
The wall of a barrel [wave] rising up beside you.

How has life changed since your debut album was released?
It has become much busier with constant tours and festivals. We are still doing the same thing that we were before the album though.

With five members in your group, how do you share the responsibilities that being on tour create?
We take turns driving around, carrying the merch, and massaging each other.

You’re touring in a rented mini-bus. Being on the road with The Chemist and Andy Bull, how does everyone fit in?
Andy Bull and band are quite thin so they easily slide under seats, and The Chemist chose to lap it to save space.

How do you pass the time on long road trips?
Ridiculous impersonations, movies and phones, food stops and photo shoots in obscure places.

Are you generally well-behaved?
We like to get rowdy before going on stage but we are generally well behaved. No trashing of hotel rooms or anything.

How about your fans? Any stalkers?
Not really, some strange messages on our site now and then but nothing serious, that we know about anyway…

Byron is one of the last gigs on your 2011 calendar. What’re you doing once the tour wraps in June?
We are taking some time to continue writing for the next album and relax for a couple of months. Probably fit in a snow trip.

What can fans look forward to next?
New songs and a new album.

Catch the Hungry Kids of Hungary at the Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, on Friday night, with doors opening at 9pm. 18+. Tickets $22 + BF.

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