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SOME good news for one Ooralea dog owner after he found his beloved pitbull, Punter, who had been stolen Monday, April 16.

Punter has been found and collected but according to owner Shayne Phie he has been pretty traumatised.

On his Facebook page he said that Punter was far from himself.

"It's still so very unclear to me how or why this has happened but we have him back, he's just a little touched up," the Facebook post read.

"He has lost a bunch of weight and has chunks out of his paw and grazes.. suspected hit by a car.. avoiding the other possibility's," the post continues.

Punter's injuries covered a significant portion of his body.
Punter's injuries covered a significant portion of his body. Contributed

Shayne also thanks everyone for their love, help and support adding he now has closure and his best mate back.

When Punter was taken his other pit bull, three-year-old Luna, was found dead on his front doorstep.

Shayne Phie, 23, offered a $3000 reward after his housemate David Niblett, 26, called him in tears to deliver the upsetting news.

Shayne was working at North Goonyella mine at the time.

"I was just rattled. This has left me in such a state I can't even cope," said Shayne.

"My dogs mean more to me than anything and I can't see how this could have happened."

The men buried Luna in the back yard with her dog bed, drink bowl, favourite chew toy and name tag and placed a flower pot on the grave.

A GoFundMe account has been made to raise money for the $3000 reward with leftover money to be donated to the RSPCA.

Head to http://gf.me/u/h5zbu7 to donate.

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