Property of accused Cooloola Cove drug trafficker held

A RESTRAINING order has been issued over an alleged drug trafficker's Cooloola Cove property and Landcruiser.

Benjamin Russell Kelly appeared in Brisbane Supreme Court via video link where the order was made on his four-wheel drive and a block of land.

Mr Kelly has been charged with drug trafficking.

He was one of 19 people arrested as part of a police operation in the Cooloola Cove area.

It is the second time the court has restrained Mr Kelly's use of his property since he was charged.

In April the court issued a restraining order against Mr Kelly on a separate Cooloola Cove property and his bank account.

He is now unable to access or sell any of the restrained property.

Mr Kelly will also have to provide details of anything he owns worth more than $5000 and anything he has owned or co-owned worth more than $5000 in the past six years.

Mr Kelly remains in custody.


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