FIT AND FAB FAMILY: Julius and Sharny Kieser and their Pelican Waters family: from left, Emmett, 2, Dante, 3, and Alex , 4. Absent are Hugo, 1, and Josh, 18.
FIT AND FAB FAMILY: Julius and Sharny Kieser and their Pelican Waters family: from left, Emmett, 2, Dante, 3, and Alex , 4. Absent are Hugo, 1, and Josh, 18. Greg Miller

Fit pregnancy tips for happy, healthy mums-to-be

FITNESS guru Sharny Kieser knows the difference between being pregfit and pregfat - she has lived through both.

The 35-year-old recently announced the Pelican Waters family was expecting their sixth child early next year.

Far from being weighed down by the day-to-day workings of a household with a teenager and four children under the age of five and also running the business she shares with husband Julius, Ms Kieser said she has never felt better.

She credits a regime of eating a healthy diet and continuing to exercise throughout her pregnancy for a reduction in morning sickness and setting her up for another fit and fabulous pregnancy.

Ms Kieser is all too familiar with the results of sitting back and eating for two.

It was the strategy she employed for her first four babies.

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What she ended up with was an unhappy emotional state and an extra 30kg to lose after each baby.

All of that changed when she turned her pregnancy ideology on its head.

"I realised it wasn't my family's or Julius's responsibility to make me feel better and that pregnancy was not happening to me, it was a gift that I have been given to be able to have children and I should be happy, fun Sharny rather than this hormonal woman I was becoming," she said.

"I had stopped exercising in previous pregnancies as I was scared it would cause a miscarriage, but if your body has been used to exercise before your pregnancy, you can continue and listen to your body. It will tell you when to back off.

"I also don't believe in the whole eating-for-two thing.

"The baby is so tiny and they take what they need from you just eating the most nutritious food you can."

Ms Kieser said this change of mindset, which she had once again employed, had led to her labour with fifth child Hugo only lasting 15 minutes, no post-natal depression and a weight gain of only 10kg during her pregnancy.

She documented what she ate and how she exercised and launched her PregFIT book a month ago to inspire other mums-to-be to be more healthy and active.

"Everybody has advice for you, but I would tell all mothers to think of it as white noise and take on board what you want to take on," she said. "Even if it is your first baby, you are intuitive as a mother and things will feel right or won't feel right.

"I was a slow learner and didn't work this out until pregnancy number five, so if I can give people this toolbox to use, they can take some stuff and leave the things they don't want to use from my journey."



  • Stick to healthy, clean foods.
  • Try pre-making a green juice to drink before you get out of bed to stave off morning sickness.
  • Do not eat for two.
  • Be active every day, even if it is just going for a walk.
  • Enjoy your pregnancy.

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