French police hold teen over Australian school bomb threats

A TEENAGER was reportedly being questioned by French police on Friday about dozens of bomb threats made to schools across Australia, the US, Europe and Asia.

Vincent Lauton, 18, is being held over his alleged connection to a dark web operation that takes requests for bomb threats that can be made to schools or businesses, according to the Daily Mail.

An online group Mr Lauton is a part of reportedly charges for its bomb threat service.

The Daily Mail said prices ranged from $5 for schools to $50 for major sporting events.

Mr Lauton, described as a "sophisticated computer operative", is reportedly linked to bomb hoax online group Evacuators 2K16.

When it was formed, members of the group were reportedly motivated by a shared hatred of the US.

Police took Mr Lauton from his parents' home, where he lives, on Tuesday.

There have reportedly been no other suspects located or arrested in connection with the bomb threats.


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