Carly and Tresne have certainly left their mark on the show.
Carly and Tresne have certainly left their mark on the show. Channel 7

Positivity doesn't save Carly and Tresne from MKR defeat

LIKE magical fairies of empowerment, Carly and Tresne have departed My Kitchen Rules in a sparkling cloud of positivity.

The bubbly blondes, who recently revealed they are a couple rather than the good friends they claimed to be at the beginning of the season when they debuted as gatecrashers, lost tonight's sudden death cook-off to mums Bree and Jessica by just one point.

It was the most closely contested elimination showdown on the show so far this year.

The all-female cook-off saw both teams follow similar trajectories, impressing with their entrees, faltering with their main courses and rallying with nearly faultless dessert.

The first course was a battle of seafood, with Carly and Tresne's hastily plated scallops up against Bree and Jessica's carefully cooked prawns.

"It's a very inviting dish straight off the bat," guest judge Colin Fassnidge said.

"The prawns are cooked perfectly."

But so were Carly and Tresne's scallops.

"There's nothing better than beautiful, caramelised scallops," judge Manu Feildel said.

The preparation of the main courses saw stress levels soar as both teams were forced to pan fry their undercooked meats at the last minute.

Tresne was clearly heartbroken at her rough treatment of the "divine" Wagyu beef, which she had vowed to treat with respect.

Meanwhile, Bree's time-consuming effort of deboning two chickens for her Ballotine didn't pay out in the end.

 "My chicken's pretty pink… verging on rare," guest judge Karen Martini said.

Bree's serious error of serving raw chicken was matched by Tresne's under-portioned and overcooked beef.

"It's more of a salad on a buffet than a main course," guest judge Guy Grossi said.

Once again, the two teams were evenly matched going into the final round of cooking.

They both finished on a high, plating up pretty desserts with balanced flavours.

Fassnidge said the mums' dish was "everything" he wanted in a chocolate tart.

But there was also plenty of praise for Carly's feather-light mousse with just the right amount of rosewater.

 "I tell you what girls I was on my magic carpet on my way to Turkey," Grossi said.

"The flavour (was) spot on, melt in the mouth."

In the end Carly and Tresne's butchered beef sent them home.

It's clear the quirky and perpetually optimistic duo is going to be missed.

"Who's going to make us laugh on a daily basis?" Feildel said.

Hopefully fans won't be echoing that sentiment too much.

In My Kitchen Rules' continuing ratings dance with The Block, the renovation show beat the cooking series yesterday to be the most-watched show of the night.

Tomorrow night, the remaining MKR teams are asked to cook a thank-you feast for a group of farmers.

Whoever wins will be safe from the next two eliminations.



Carly and Tresne

Entrée: Golden scallops with champagne Sabayon, pancetta crumb and watercress

Main: Wagyu scotch fillet with roasted beetroot salad, frizzled onions and beef glaze

Dessert: Raspberry and rosewater Turkish mousse

Score: 38/60


Bree and Jessica

Entrée: Seared prawns with fennel and leek puree and tomato salsa

Main: Roasted chicken Ballotine with quinoa and lentil salad and garlic aioli 

Dessert: Dark chocolate mousse tart with strawberries and pistachios

Score: 39/60

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