Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott Vicki Wood

POLL: Voters want an election if the leader is to change

NEARLY two thirds of voters in an online poll believe the Federal Government  should go to an election rather than change leaders.

Only a small minority say Tony Abbott should serve out the rest of the current Parliamentary term as Prime Minister.

The poll, which is ongoing, comes as Mr Abbott's grip on the Liberal leadership starts to slip.

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There are reports this morning that as many as 30 Liberal backbenchers want a new leader with some, including former Howard Government Minister Mal Brough openly criticising the Prime Minister.

Should the Liberal Party dump Tony Abbott and get a new leader?

This poll ended on 09 February 2015.

Current Results

Yes - they should appoint Julie Bishop, Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Andrews or Mal Brough as a new Prime Minister as soon as possible.


No - if they want to change leaders they should call a double dissolution and let the electorate decide.


No - we voted for Abbott (in intention if not in fact) and he should serve out his full three years.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

There are also reports Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - one of the people being touted as a possible leader - had a "very frank and private" conversation with Mr Abbott about his leadership.

The pressure on Mr Abbott's leadership follows the disastrous result for the Liberal-National Party in Queensland at the weekend and polling showing he remains deeply unpopular with the electorate, and the Coalition was now in an election-losing position.

That might make the prospect of an early poll unappealing to the Federal Government, but Mr Abbott himself has pointed out voters, while they may not much like him, also don't like political parties changing the leader they elected.

The poll, which is running until Monday, appears to bear that out, with 32% saying the party should dump Mr Abbott in favour of Julie Bishop, Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Andrews or Mal Brough, compared to 60% saying they'd prefer to go back to the polls and choose for themselves.

Either way, it appears the voters want something changed fast. Only 7% or respondents, at the time of writing, thought Mr Abbott should stay as leader for the remaining 17 months of the current term of Parliament.


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