Facebook fans just love a Royal baby

WHETHER it was reality TV or the 2013 election, according to Facebook's most talked about topics, democracy was alive and well in Australia in 2013.

The most buzzed about term by the 12 million Australians who actively used Facebook each month in 2013 was the word "vote". 

In taking a look at the people, moment and places that mattered most on Facebook in 2013, the federal election, Princess Kate and cricket topped the list of the top 10 most talked about topics in Australia.

Politics and the September 27 federal election were five of the top 10 issues. During the election campaign, there were over 12 million election-related mentions during the election campaign and there were over one million posts on Facebook on election day talking about voting and the experience of voting.  

On election day itself, the term "vote" started trending at 7am, just before polls opened, and spiked at 10am during the day, and again at 10pm with over 60,000 at that time, as Mr Abbott delivered his victory speech.

Princess Kate was the second most buzzed about term on Facebook when Prince George was born, on July 22 this year, and sport continued to be a favourite topic, with the cricket, the grand finals and the Lions all making the list. 

Top 10 most talked about topics - Global

1. Pope Francis
2. Election
3. Royal Baby
4. Typhoon
5. Margaret Thatcher
6. Harlem Shake
7. Miley Cyrus
8. Boston Marathon
9. Tour de France
10. Nelson Mandela

Top 10 most talked about topics- Australia

1. Vote
2. Princess Kate
3. Cricket
4. Kevin Rudd
5. Grand final
6. Election
7. GST
8. Lions
9. Tony Abbott
10. Big Brother

Last year, Australians were more focused on sport and entertainment with One Direction, Big Brother, the Voice, The Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey and Gangnam Style the most buzzed about terms.

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