Sacha Wilson’s image on Facebook.
Sacha Wilson’s image on Facebook.

Police rule out gang bashing following Facebook post

ONE of the Sunshine Coast's most senior police officers says there is no reason to believe a group of men are randomly targeting women, despite a Yandina woman's claims she was kidnapped and bashed.

As Sacha Wilson's claims created a firestorm on Facebook, Sunshine Coast Central Division Inspector Jason Overland defended his officers' handling of the situation.

Images of Ms Wilson, with what appears to be two black eyes, were posted on her mother Maria Fleming's Facebook page on Friday.

The post has now been shared more than 6000 times by concerned readers.

Ms Fleming claims that while her daughter doesn't remember much of her ordeal, she believes something sinister happened on Thursday night.

Her Facebook post claims three men dragged her daughter into a car near the Yandina bridge area and beat her unconscious.

Police on Saturday said the allegations had been investigated and found to be unsubstantiated, but Ms Fleming yesterday posted fresh photos of her daughter's "injuries", sparking renewed online anger.

"I can't just ignore this as a mother," Ms Fleming said.

"Okay, if this didn't happen, then what did?

"These aren't small marks on her eyes. They are black eyes and she's got a bump on the back of her head.

"I can understand what the police are saying, but I can't ignore this."

But Insp Overland said Ms Wilson's claims were not consistent with her injuries.

"Police take matters such as this very seriously and the young woman's allegations were discussed with her at length," he said.

"Police attended the complainant's address and spoke with her about her complaint and that conversation was audio and video recorded.

"If we believed there were three men in a white Commodore presenting a risk to the community, we would be delivering a safety message."

Officers from the Nambour Police Station attended Ms Wilson's home again yesterday to speak with her about her complaint.

Insp Overland said while she told police she still did not wish to have the matter pursued, the door would always be open if she reconsidered.

Last night, the allegations and Ms Wilson's photographs were still on Facebook.

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