Police officer's arrest goes horribly wrong

POLICE are attempting to track down a man who allegedly assaulted an officer last night. 

About 11.10pm a 44-year-old Senior Sergeant was patrolling the streets of Kelvin Grove in Brisbane when a man walked out in front of his car. 

A police spokesman said the man acted aggressively and the officer involved tried to arrest him as a result. 

"The officer advised the man that he was being placed under arrest due to his behaviour and attempted to handcuff him," a police spokesman said. 

However the man then scuffled with the officer and fled the scene. 

Police allege the Senior Sergeant suffered an injury to his elbow as a result of being assaulted. 

On social media several people questioned why the officer was alone and did not have back up at hand. 

"Why isn't there two cops to a car?," one Facebook user queried. 

A police spokesman explained the Senior Sergeant involved was the officer in charge of the local area command and as such was not on active patrol. 

Thus he was driving alone in the car at the time. 

In terms of why more forceful action was not taken to apprehend the man involved a police spokesman said the use of a taser or gun were not warranted as there was no immediate, serious threat to either the life of the officer or the general public. 

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