EASE UP: Ulmarra resident John Leask just wants motorists to slow down.
EASE UP: Ulmarra resident John Leask just wants motorists to slow down. Jenna Thompson

Please take us seriously: Ulmarra community

I'VE lived in Ulmarra for nine years and there have been way too many accidents, especially on this corner. It's become a nightmare.

It's hard to understand why the accidents occur, but they do, and nothing has been done to stop it.

One was a B-double, which can have 50 to 60 tonnes on board, and appar- ently the driver went to sleep. He flipped the trailer and slid across the road, totally blocking it.

I don't know how the house on the corner here has survived this long. If the truck from last week had come through 20 metres earlier, it would have taken out the corner of the house.

We had the two cars that caught on fire a few weeks ago. The two trucks that swiped each other a few days ago.

Why or how two trucks could swipe each other on a 50kmh zone, I don't understand but I guess the police will work that out. It's just concerning that nothing is being done.

We have a 50kmh zone that starts only just before the corner which means a 60-tonne truck can still be doing 80kmh.

You'll hear some of the exhaust brakes working when the trucks realise they're suddenly in a 50kmh zone doing 70 or 80kmh.

There are over 25,000 movements on the Pacific Highway every day, it's pretty full, so we don't need obstacles like a corner here.

I just hope we don't have to wait like Urunga did where one person lost their life after a truck ploughed into their house.

I hope we aren't waiting for a death before someone takes this seriously.



What should be done to fix the Ulmarra blackspot?

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Install a second speed counter


Install speed humps


Install rumble strips


Extend the 50km/hr zone


Install drowsy driver alert systems such as flashing lights


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