Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale.
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale. File

Police investigate alleged death threats against Pisasale

A PROMINENT Ipswich businessman is under investigation for an alleged threat to kill Mayor Paul Pisasale.

The Ipswich police are investigating the threat after the man was reported by a close relative for aggressively stating he would kill Cr Pisasale.

The businessman, who has been accused of other serious offences, is alleged to have said that even an assault charge would not worry him. The threat is being treated as extremely serious given the man's previous alleged threats to kill or maim Cr Pisasale stretching back years.

An email, now in the possession of the CCC and Ipswich police, was sent to Ipswich City Council by a relative of the businessman who was concerned Cr Pisasale's life may be in danger.

The QT has cleaned up the spelling and grammar, but this is what the relative said the businessman said about Cr Pisasale:

"He reckons that he's coming to the end of his life and that an assault charge doesn't worry him. (He) reckons 'If I get that Pisasale I won't f******stop. I'll kill the c***'."

For legal reasons the rest of the e-mail cannot be published at this stage.

Ipswich Inspector Keith McDonald said police were most concerned about the e-mail.

"We are treating the matter seriously but we need the close family relative to come forward and give us a statement," Insp McDonald said.

"If the allegations contained in the e-mail are true, they are extremely serious threats.

"In order for us to progress the matter further we need some first-hand information that we can hang our teeth on, take to court and take the matter further.

"We know how this bloke has acted in the past and how he has been able to wriggle his way out of everything…that is why we need some first hand information so that we can really take this matter forward."

Cr Pisasale knows the businessman who is accused of threatening of him, but was still stunned by the threat when contacted by the QT.

He was tight lipped about the matter, but assured the public he would not be changing the way he goes about his daily life.

"I am shocked," he said.

"I am reluctant to say too much about it because it is very serious.

"I don't understand why people would want to threaten me, but I intend to just go about my business.

"I have put it in the hands of the right authorities and we should let them deal with it.

"You put yourself forward in public life, and you understand people have different opinions and that there are some angry people out there who probably need help.

"But you don't expect this. You don't expect that people would want to harm you."

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