The dishonest act of taking money from a wallet was added to his charges.
The dishonest act of taking money from a wallet was added to his charges. Martin Kingsley/Cashmoney

Pinching cash from wallet a bad gamble

TAKING money from a wallet someone left behind was among the crimes landing a Cunnamulla man behind bars.

Daniel Jayse Ramsey also supplied the drug ice and faced a trespass charge after going to a woman's home and harassing her.

Brisbane District Court heard Ramsey stole about $140 after taking a wallet someone left behind in a tavern's gaming room.

Judge David Reid said Ramsey, 21, had a stable upbringing in Cunnamulla.

But Brisbane District Court heard Ramsey's life went downhill after his parents split up about six years ago, when he was still in school.

One parent moved to Brisbane with some family members and the other moved to Roma.

Judge Reid said two of Ramsey's relatives were trafficking drugs just as Ramsey was entering adulthood.

Ramsey was also sentenced on Friday for drug possession and public nuisance.

The court heard he faced drug charges after a broader police operation netted several of his associates.

Ramsey was given two years' probation.

He was also sentenced to 14 months jail, but with 280 days spent in custody declared as time served.

All the prison time was wholly suspended for two years.

Judge David Reid told him: "You're not going back to prison ... unless you breach that suspended sentence” -NewsRegional

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