DUST is being disturbed all around the Darling Downs as a pair of pickers prod and poke their way through sheds and garages across the region.

Lucas Callaghan and Adam McDonald are the new hosts of the new television show, Aussie Pickers.

The series follows the pair as they forage their way through people's collections all around Australia on the hunt for hidden collectable treasures.

For the last five days Mr Callaghan and Mr McDonald and a film crew of 11 have been travelling across the Darling Downs' countryside, filming the series.

Yesterday the crew filmed at Karen Constance's Russell St home while they admired her vast collection of vintage medical paraphernalia.

"It is a niche collection. I don't know anyone who has a sole collection of medical or vintage medical stuff," Mr McDonald said.

The pair also visited James McDonald's Hume St home where they were completely absorbed by his massive collection of bikes.

Mr McDonald even managed to convince Toowoomba's biggest bike collector to part with one of his collection.

The pickers also threw themselves willingly into the chaotic collection that is the Toowoomba Swap Meet as it took over the Toowoomba Showgrounds at the weekend.

"I bought a nice clock at the swap meet. It's an old English Smith's wall clock, I've seen it before but I'd never seen a white one and this one was in really great condition," Mr McDonald said.

The Aussie Pickers today head to Crows Nest before continuing their hunt across Australia.

The eight-part series of Aussie Pickers will screen on Foxtel's A&E channel later this year.

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