Festival director Glenn Wright with Festival Patron Husky Gawenda.
Festival director Glenn Wright with Festival Patron Husky Gawenda. Lyn McCarthy

PHOTO GALLERY: Mullum dances in the dark

MULLUM Music Festival offered more than 150 music shows and community events over the weekend under one banner: Mullum Loves You.

It was a busy weekend in Mullumbimby: the hippies were out and about, the stormy weather could be seen approaching from 4pm, but people were having too much fun in the double decker psychedelic bus to mind some clouds in the sky.

For the first time in almost a decade, the festival was brought to a halt on Saturday night when a storm triggered a major power blackout across the whole town.

Irish duo Saint Sister went on stage with no power and just a harp and their voices, but that did not prevent them from wowing audiences.

It was their first Australian show.

The afternoon started bright and humid, the perfect conditions for 1980s-style flash mob The Cassette to flourish.

Saint Sister's sound and voices are superb but they sing in an 'ethereal' soft way, which meant that for the first two songs people really needed to be quiet in Mullumbimby.

Audience members also helped the band with torches so they could be seen on stage.

Doherty and MacIntyre sang Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen, a song that was part of their set but took an extra special meaning given the circumstances. The musicians won the audience with their voices and their determination to play against all odds, and by doing so they offered the most memorable gig of the festival so far.

The highlight of the festival every year happened again on Sunday - the big music parade through town.

The free event allowed families to join the fun and it was a fitting culmination of a weekend of love for music and for Mullum.

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