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Katy Perry's E.T. has landed

KATY Perry's song E.T. has landed, or dropped, or whatever the hip record label jargon is.

Happily, it's fitting for this track because the clip is her just prettily falling from a great height.

The tune has been around for a little while, her sounding a lot like those late 90s Ruski lesbians "tATu".

Its film clip is something to behold.

Beautifully glossy, ethereal and with some nice futuristic, dystopic world sorta themes.

I would love to be more cynical but the clip consumes some of the styles that made Nine Inch Nails’s Perfect Drug video so wonderful.

There is also a hint of Bjork’s All Is Full Of Love – a stunning classic.

Kanye West throws his hat in with some vaguely inappropriate rapping, but mostly just looks stern with all the sci-fi junk happening around him.

Katy is distorting into all kinds of shapes and here is Kanye looking unimpressed and floating about in zero gravity.

C’mon Yeezy, get into the spirit. You could have at least grown horns or something.

I'm a fan of the song, although she occasionally sings like she's just having a blast at the gynaecologist.

Kanye West joins in the fun, singing about Prada (as usual) then monotoning "I’ma disrobe you, than I’mma probe you".

I don't often buy into the hype around these It-Girl types but this song has dragged me along like being tied to the back of a freight train.

You’re not happy about it, but it’s too late to do anything about it now.

Watch the video here

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