Blow-ins crowd locals at wategos

The Wise Men from the Log of Knowledge at Wategos met recently to discuss some very weighty matters pertinent to life in Byron Bay. Here is their report.

IT would appear the global recession is making people penny-pinch and this may explain why, during the warm, balmy weather before the onset of the recent extreme weather, parking at Wategos was packed out by 8am most days, while the paid parking areas at Clarks Beach and Captain Cook Lookout were less than half full.

There is lots of disagreement about this on the Log, but is paid parking for visitors in Marine Parade once again an option? This should allow ratepaying locals to get a park in the morning without having to turn up before the proverbial bird and worm.

'SURF Rage'is becoming more of an issue and makes everyone in the water tense and uncomfortable and obviously detracts from the 'fun' element of surfing.

However, during the recent heavy swell with large crowds from The Pass rock right through to the Wreck, surf rage thankfully didn't appear to be occurring, probably because of the large number of waves to be had.

Unfortunately, one lanky bloke in a hat on a stand-up paddle-board was the 'stand-out' (up!) exception. He was screaming and yelling and abusing all and sundry.

Later, he was sighted getting into a sign-written van offering lessons and sales of stand-up paddleboards. Queensland rego. Of course.

Did he have fun and generate custom? Doubtful.

THE next sortie in the continuing war against the 'feral camp anywhere' vans may be succeeding. New signs stating No Overnight Parking. Fines Apply have gone up in Palm Valley and evidently NPWS rangers are doing random night-time raids.

As a result the usual 10 to 20 early morning vans usually there with washing hung and belongings strewn everywhere have not been so evident lately.

Also, wonder of wonders, vans have been sighted early in the morning at Wategos lately with brown envelopes under their wipers.

Once the word gets around, the plague may recede.

FERAL Rogue Cyclists Mini-Series Episodes 5001 and 5002

1. Bloke on bike spotted recently flying at break-neck speed through pedestrians on the footpath in the CBD screaming at them at the top of his lungs to get out of his way.

Same bloke later spotted riding slowly in the middle of a traffic lane laughing at motorists held up and giving the finger to any who remonstrated.

Made you feel like getting in your car and running him down.

2. Different bloke, after being verbally chastised for almost bowling over some more mature-age pedestrians on a CBD footpath, heard to yell back at them: 'Get stuffed!You're not in Sydney now!'

Obviously another very welcome blow-in, five-minute local.

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EDITORIAL: An idea even bigger than this headline

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