YOUR SAY: Penalty rates must be more than ‘on the table’

WELL, it didn't take long for a three word slogan to appear under new Prime Minister Turnbull.

"On the table" is the newie.

Discussions about the GST and tax reform are "on the table".

Previously, Employment Minister Michaelia Cash was saying penalty rate reform was "on the table".

Hopefully the government will keep in mind that according to the Australian Tourism Labour Force Report (Daily, November 7) the hospitality sector is in the midst of a chronic labour shortage.

By 2020, an additional 123,000 workers will be needed in the tourism and hospitality sectors, two areas of great importance to the future of the Sunshine Coast.

Penalty rates in both sectors have been put "on the table" for assessment by the Productivity Commission and Fair Work Commission.

Penalty rates are extra remuneration for working at inconvenient, irregular times and unsociable hours and were first awarded in 1909.

Who would encourage young people to have a career in these sectors where you can be expected to work any day of the week without fair recompense?


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