Peking Duk are an Australian electronic music duo made up of disc jockey and music producers Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles.
Peking Duk are an Australian electronic music duo made up of disc jockey and music producers Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles.

Party like it’s Byron Bay with Peking Duk

MUSIC producer and artist Ruben Styles is one half of electronic duo Peking Duk.

Styles and his 'workmate' Adam Hyde, are working on a new album, developing new music for an upcoming album to be released 2016.

New music for Falls Festival

Some of that new music will be heard for the first time by Falls Festival punters in Byron Bay, in what Styles promised to be an unforgettable party experience.

Styles said the duo is considering not planning the set at all.

"We should not even plan the set. It would be better off to just have a bunch of tracks and go from whichever we want to whatever we want, doing the true DJ-ing thing," he said.

"Normally, on festivals, we like to take people on a journey with a set that's quite epic at times, euphoric at times and relaxing at other times.

"For a set on New Year's Eve, that's not so appropriate (laughs). It will be better to do what we ultimately do best, which is turn it into a party from the get go.

"Personally, I'm not much into watching a deejay perform, but in the circumstances of New Year's Eve, that's exactly what I want (laughs).

"It's going to be a really big party."

Asked if they will have a new single out by the end of the year, Style answers with an enigmatic and cheeky "perhaps."

"There are a few songs, three of them that are good to go, but we're not sure which one to put out first.

"I am happy with all of them to be the next single, but there is no official release date yet.

Back in the studio

Styles confirmed they are recording a new album right now.

"We are busy in the studio getting real down and dirty," he said. "There is a lot of ideas, it's really exciting. All we want to do is create more and more ideas and then finish them all to have a ton of tracks finished and then choose the best 12 or 15 for a new album.

"There is no set day for release but it could happen July next year or in two years, who knows?

The artist did confirm that some of those new tracks may be part of their Falls Festival set.

"Absolutely. That could be the best New Year's party starter," he said.

Below: Orange is the New Black star Benjamin Joseph is the main star in the duo's latest music video for their song Say My Name.

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