Park safely when picking up the kids, or risk a fine

BYRON Shire Council have reminded parents and caregivers dropping off and picking up children at school to use the designated school parking areas, or risk a fine.

Byron Shire Council's compliance acting team leader Scott Brodie said it can be a very busy time at schools but parking unsafely can put children's lives at risk.

He said Council parking officers had been at the larger schools in the past week to help improve safety awareness.

"The majority of people are using the right areas, but there are some who feel they can double park or park in the bus zones. While you may think you 'won't be long' it is this type of behaviour that puts children at risk," Mr Brodie said.

"Whilst nobody likes to receive a parking fine, the parking rules for school zones are put in place to help protect the lives of children."

Dropping children off a little earlier or later, parking further away from the school and walking a child to the gate, or car pooling, are all good ways to avoid the traffic queue.

"Unfortunately, some people feel they have a right to disregard the signs and regulations. And if you are found parking incorrectly, you could find yourself with a $415 fine and 2 demerit points lost," reminded Mr Scott.


Safety reminders:

  • Always take extra care in 40km/h school zones, which operate on each gazetted school day.
  • Park safely even if it means walking further to the school gate.
  • Observe all parking signs - they are planned with children's safety in mind.
  • Fines anddemerit points apply if you park illegally.
  • Never double park - it puts children at risk.
  • Model safe and considerate behaviour for your child - they will learn from you.
  • Slow down near the school crossing.
  • At a supervised crossing, observe the directions of the school crossing supervisor.


Losses of demerit points apply when certain offences are committed in an operating school zone.

For example, a minimum penalty of a $415 fine and the loss of 2 demerit points apply for stopping or parking a vehicle on or near a pedestrian crossing, children's crossing and marked foot crossing.

Byron Shire Council also reminded locals that the minimum fine for parking in a bus zone, No Stopping signed area, or double parking, is $311 and 2 demerit points, while parking on the footpath or obstructing traffic while get you a minimum fine of $173. 

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