Clive Palmer.
Clive Palmer.

Palmer calls council bluff as election heats up

WHAT'S good for the goose, doesn't have to be good for Clive Palmer.

The controversial billionaire is flouting council laws by parking his minivan with bold election signage on council-owned land in Coolum.

If the average man-in-the-street parked his car advertising something on the piece of property at the Coolum roundabout, they could expect a hefty $220 fine.

But Mr Palmer could be straddling a grey area as the council has yet to determine " the legality of election advertising as opposed to commercial advertising".

A council spokesman said the placement of an advertising device was a "prescribed activity that requires approval".

"Without approval the activity is illegal," he said.

"Officers would need to establish the intent of the person placing the signwritten vehicle at the location before taking enforcement action."

Once the council had determined a legal course of action for the election signage, it would "undertake the same action against all similar advertising".

Mr Palmer's office has not returned the Daily's email or call for comment.

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