DUSTYESKY:  Supporting the 'no paid parking' cause in Brunswick Heads.
DUSTYESKY: Supporting the 'no paid parking' cause in Brunswick Heads. Christian Morrow

Paid parking leaves town 'seeing red'

BRUNSWICK Heads business and residents are seeing red over paid parking in the town and will stage a Seeing Red No Paid Parking Rally at 6pm this Saturday at Hotel Brunswick.

Everyone's favourite local Russian male choir Dustyesky will help maintain the rage, sharing songs of solidarity with the town's peasant folk, along with comedienne Mandy Nolan, who will point out the absurdity of the whole situation, parking wise.

"We're thrilled Dustyesky will bring their passion to our Seeing Red Rally on Saturday evening," said Zac Tooth, Brunswick chamber of commerce president.

"Our community is facing the fight of our lives to protect our precious village from the negative impacts of paid parking.

"We are uniting in song, comedy and seriousness to share our resolve and passion to make sure Brunswick Heads remains paid-parking free."

In the early 2000s, the Bruns community pulled itself out of serious economic doldrums with a series of co-operative events and the establishment of its Simple Pleasures brand.

"It showed we were fully prepared to take responsibility for our own destiny and we will continue to fight for that right," MrTooth said.

"Paid parking is just a cash grab. Take away our laid-back village vibe and you take away our heart and soul.

"Council needs to listen to us and abandon its ill-conceived plan to impose paid parking on our village.

"There is a growing trend in other towns around Australia for meters to be turned off or removed because of the detrimental impact they have had.

"It makes no sense to put Brunswick Heads at risk when parking problems can be easily resolved by better enforced and some shorter time limits, as recommended by council's own independent study."

Councillors are invited to join the rally on Saturday evening and feel the community's resolve and passion first-hand.

"Everyone is invited to come along to help support our village. Wear something red and be ready to sing along with Dustyesky," MrTooth said.

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