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Ozzy Osbourne praises Kelly

OZZY Osbourne is "proud" of his daughter Kelly.

The rocker has praised the 26-year-old star - his second daughter with wife Sharon - for the way she has fought back from addictions and transformed her appearance by shedding over 50lbs.

He said: "Kelly's doing so well. That girl works so hard, she really is a hard-working kid. Both her and her brother Jack have come to be great people. None of us expected it to take off like it did -- it went through the stratosphere! They didn't know how to handle it, so they ended up on alcohol, drugs, but they're both clean now.

"I'm proud of my daughter. But if she's fat, whatever, I love her. I'm so happy for her, and everybody's always giving me compliments about how wonderful she looks. She's currently working on a film in New Orleans, but I don't know what the role is or anything else about it."

Kelly split from her fiance Luke Worrall earlier this year amid rumours he had cheated on her but Ozzy insists he won't be advising her on whom to date next.

He added in an interview with UsMagazine.com: "I don't get involved. As long as he's not a bad guy or does bad things, or beats her... And, listen to me, if anybody beats one of my girls, I don't have to do anything, because my wife will get there about four hours before me, and do what she's gotta do!"

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