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Owners of missing husky believe someone has her

A COORAN couple are pleading for the safe return of their beloved dog promising no questions will be asked, no charges laid. 

Chillbie the husky and Milo the staffy went missing on Tuesday, October 2.

Owner Ashley Pestano said they were on a walk on Upper Tablelands Road, Cooran when she dropped their leads to climb over a fallen tree. When she got to the other side, they were gone.

"It is normal for them to run off for a couple of minutes but usually they come back when I call them. This time they didn't.

"I waited about an hour then I went home. Then I went back every hour and called their names. They have made their way home before but once they were gone over night we got a lot more worried."

They contacted all the vets and notified pounds in the region, put posts on local Facebook groups, did up flyers and searched high and low through the park.

Chillbie and Milo in the harnesses they were wearing when they went missing
Chillbie and Milo in the harnesses they were wearing when they went missing Ashley Pestano | Facebook

A week after they went missing, Ashley was sent a photo of a staffy and husky sighted in Ipswich.

"I drove straight to Ipswich but it wasn't them. When I got home I had a message that Milo had been found."

Milo had wandered out to a family at the lookout in Cooran - about a three minute drive - from where she went missing.

"Her harness and collar were gone but she has grazes under her arms where she pulled it off.

"But she was clean, with no ticks and hadn't lost any weight. A vet also told us there is no way Milo was in the bush for a week." 

They thought Chillbie wouldn't be far behind but she never showed up.

"They would never separate. Milo would never leave Chillbie's side."

Ashley believes someone had both dogs and still has Chillbie.

"I think they've seen the flyers and posts maybe that's why they let Milo go."

Milo appeared at the Cooran lookout a week after she went missing
Milo appeared at the Cooran lookout a week after she went missing Ashley Pestano | Facebook

In the week since Milo came home, Ashley's hopes have been lifted and then dashed by a number of leads and false sightings of Chillbie.

"I had a pet psychic contact me through Facebook and one night she called me and said 'Chillbie is in the rain walking the streets' and I need to go get her. 

"She gave us actual streets to search. At the time you think it's going to help but it's doesn't."

Then on Saturday morning, Ashley's partner Tim got a call saying Chillbie had been sighted locked in a caravan, tied on a rope. They sent him a photo, it looked like Chillbie.

"Tim jumped in the car and called the police on the way. They met him at a caravan park in Caloundra. They'd brought a microchip scanner with them and told Tim to wait outside while they scanned the dog. Then they came out and said 'sorry it's not your dog'."


Chillbie has distinctive blue eyes
Chillbie has distinctive blue eyes Ashley Pestano | Facebook

Then on Sunday afternoon, they received another call, this time from someone who had seen Chillbie in a motorhome they'd asked to move on.

"This guy gave us all the details of what the motor home and woman looked like and said it was heading Borumba Dam way. 

"I did a post on my Facebook page with the update as we shot out there and looked around all the caravan parks but a client of mine contacted me and said they knew who I was talking about and sent me a photo of her and her dog. It wasn't Chillbie."


Nearly two weeks missing, a number of false sightings, a number of dead leads and Ashley is beside herself.

"We just want her home safe. I'm not interested in pressing charges. Just take her to a vet.

"We have placed an alert on her microcchip as missing so if she does turn up at any vet in Australia and she gets scanned they will be alerted."

If you have any information about Chillbie's or her whereabouts you can contact Ashley on 0434021204 or Tim on 0497815597.

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