On a roll Clive Palmer readies himself for QLD election

BUOYED by his success in the latest West Australian senate race, mining magnate and Sunshine Coast politician Clive Palmer is now readying himself for the Queensland election.

The Palmer United Party increased its votes by almost 7.5% to 12.49% in WA while support for the Liberals fell by almost 5.5% to 33% and Labor's dropped by 4.8% to 21%

PUP's support was not enough to overwhelm the Greens which managed 15%

The party will now hold the balance of power in the Senate, with candidate Dio Wang bound for Canberra.

His addition takes the Palmer voting bloc to four and forces the government to negotiate if it wants to pass major legislation when the new senators sit from July 1.

Mr Palmer declined to be interviewed on Monday.

A PUP spokesman said the West Australian result gave a "very good" indication of how the party would perform against Queensland's LNP government.

"Queensland will be a major focus," he said.

The spokesman said the party was not considering its success in WA as a protest vote.

"I think that is the way people are moving, they want a choice," he said.

"It's not a protest."

Already, the party has Alex Douglas and Carl Judge in the Queensland Parliament.

Premier Campbell Newman said the former LNP supporter "is more interested in election campaigns than he is in Queensland's future".

"He has no plan for Queensland."

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk was not able to respond before deadline on Monday.

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