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OPINION: Why snake awareness should be taught in schools

Jill and Zues the snake.
Jill and Zues the snake.

MY name is Jill Zimmermann and I would love to see Snake safety education be allowed to be taught in School's. 

Since 2002 I have been an Active Volunteer Reptile Wildlife Carer and sadly I rescue snake's from horrific injuries caused by people who fear snakes and try to kill them. 

It is time to let go of "The only good snake is a dead snake"  they are part of our environment and have an important role to play in the balance of nature and most of all stop us from having a rat plague.

I hold a Wildlife Demonstrators Licence and have Public Liability Insurance. 

For years now I have been attending Kindergarten's on the Sunshine Coast and also children's Birthday parties teaching Snake Safety Education.

I have a great rapport with children and we act out together "What to do when we see a snake", even the adults are keen to join in. 


Jill and Zues the snake.
Jill and Zues the snake.


I am experienced with Python's, Venomous, Colubrids and Sea Snakes.   

As we cut down nature we are forcing our wildlife to move in closer to our home's and school's. 

Snakes like any creature are looking for safety and shelter. 

Especially now as I'm writing this letter we have been forecast to have a lot of rain, this will also bring snakes in looking for shelter.  

I would like to bring to people's awareness that I am available for Wild Spirit Snake Education  and would like support to get into the School System as they say "What I do is great" but does not fit into the curriculum. 


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