Avalanche rescue dogs in the film Henry's Legacy.
Avalanche rescue dogs in the film Henry's Legacy. SUPPLIED

Only dogs on screen for adorable film festival

Meet dogs from all walks of life on the big screen at the 2018 Top Dog Film Festival.

From the wild world of the wolf to the primed and pampered pooches of the dog grooming world, the pull on your canine-loving heart-string is guaranteed to be strong.

Meet four-legged heroes, unbreakable bonds and canine companions that enrich the lives of all those they encounter.

Audiences will gain an insight into the life of an inspiring and passionate dog trainer, delve into the competitive dog grooming scene, meet a crew of committed disabled dog adorers and be introduced to the adorable, George, who is just looking for a good home, a good run and a good cuddle.

The 2018 Top Dog Film Festival presents a two-hour cinematic celebration honouring the bond between dogs and their people.

This carefully curated program of nine short canine-themed films is comprised of the most inspirational, heart-warming and entertaining stories about dogs and their human companions, from independent films makers around the globe:


For The Love Of Dog: Kylie Crushman, UK, 9min

A still from the film For the Love of Dogs.
A still from the film For the Love of Dogs. Rebecca Duke

Why are dogs called man's best friend? Filmed across parks in London, For The Love of Dog explores the age-old relationship with hilarious, heart warming and sometimes very unexpected results. A tribute to our furry friends as told by their devoted owners and a fascinating glimpse the incredible friendships between human and hound.


To The Pets: Lisa Murray, USA, 2 min

A still from the film To The Pets.
A still from the film To The Pets. SUPPLIED

An upbeat music video featuring dogs and people - and a few other types of pets - and many of them just happen to be using pet wheelchairs. My hope is that To The Pets will show the world what disabled and aging pets are capable of having a positive and fun outlook on life, as well as taking second chances and "running" with them.


Adoption Pending: Jordan Montgomery, Australia, 10 min

A still from the film Adoption Pending.
A still from the film Adoption Pending. SUPPLIED

Adoption Pending is the story of George, a two year-old staffy-cross-husky, who is surrendered to an adoption home after not co-operating with the other family dog. George struggles to adapt to the new environment, showing signs of stress and separation anxiety. To reach the adoption stage, he must pass a behavioural test with other dogs to determine whether he needs training and treatment, while demonstrating his capability to be around other dogs. What follows is a compelling experience into a dog's journey of finding a new home.


Wolf Call: Ramey Newell, USA, 10 min

A still from the film Wolf Call.
A still from the film Wolf Call. SUPPLIED

John Ramer has worked in animal sanctuaries most of his adult life, often without pay, and feels this is his life's calling. John's experiences working with captive wolves have left him deeply changed, driving him to share his knowledge and passion with others in the hope that wild wolves might one day return to Colorado's open lands. Filmed entirely at a remote wolf sanctuary in the Wet Mountains of southern Colorado, Wolf Call asks us to rethink our relationship to wild and captive animals, as well as the world we together inhabit.


Dog Man: Richie Adams, USA, 38 min

Dog trainer Dick Russell in the film Dog Man.
Dog trainer Dick Russell in the film Dog Man. SUPPLIED

Dog Man tells the story of world renowned dog trainer Dick Russell, who trained an estimated 30,000 dogs through his "basic obedience class" in South Louisiana, and introduced the pivotal training concept of "large field socialisation" to North America, before ultimately succumbing to cancer. 

The movie explores how Russell first got into dog training 50 years ago, and the enormous 'paw print' he left in Baton Rouge, and the national dog training community, communicated through several Hall Of Fame dog trainers around the country - from Chicago, to New York, to Orlando, to Atlanta, and the list goes on - all who were highly influenced by the late Dick Russell. 


Well Groomed: Rebecca Stern, USA, 8 min

A still from the film Well Groomed.
A still from the film Well Groomed. CONTRIBUTED

Discover the visually stunning, humorous world of competitive creative dog grooming alongside the colourful women transforming their beloved poodles into living sculptures. This short follows Adriane Pope and Angela Kumpe at the biggest grooming competition - GroomExpo competition in Hershey, Passadena, USA. In the dog-eat-dog world of pet grooming the tension is high and the skill level is beyond your wildest dreams.


Henry's Legacy: David Clifford, USA, 5 min

Ski Patrol with Avalanche Rescue Dog In Vail, Colorado. Ski patrol.
Ski Patrol with Avalanche Rescue Dog In Vail, Colorado. Ski patrol. Chris McLennan

Meet Henry, Vail Ski Resort's first avalanche rescue dog. He's cute, affectionate, and a hero in case of emergency. Avalanche dogs can help increase rescue response times with their keen noses.

Having served 11 years and saved numerous lives with handler Chris 'Mongo' Reeder Henry is definitely a four-legged hero. Since its launch, the program has grown, enhancing the safety of visitors and the cuteness of the Ski Patrol hut.


Trail Dog: Dean Leslie, South Africa, 5 min

A still from the film Trail Dog.
A still from the film Trail Dog. SUPPLIED

Gaetan Ugnon-Fleury lives in the the small village of La Motte-d'Aveillans in the South East of France with his dogs, Pépite and Jolyn. Together they love nothing more than running in the mountains and exploring the trails. This stunning short film is a reminder of how important the simple things in life are and that their value is immeasurable. Trail Dog is an ode to the beauty and happiness that can be found in the simplest of things: friendship.


The Dogist: E.J. McLeavey-Fisher, USA, 6 min

Elias and a Pitbull in the film The Doggist.
Elias and a Pitbull in the film The Doggist. SUPPLIED

The Dogist, otherwise known as Elias Weiss Friedman has acquired a dizzying 3.2 million followers on Instagram. @thedogist's extremely popular photo-documentary series of dogs around New York City and the world, capture the personalities of dogs he meets on the streets and on his travels. When out on a dog shoot, Friedman's khakis hide a pair of knee pads that serve as a cushion when he bends down to a dog's eye level to get the perfect shot. Besides a Nikon D750 camera, his other official equipment includes a squeaky tennis ball and treats. He can also imitate with frightening accuracy three different barking noises, a skill he learned from his veterinarian aunt. Fortunately for him, New York City is a place you can walk down the street barking and receive little to no attention.

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