One Direction are currently on their On The Road Again arena tour.
One Direction are currently on their On The Road Again arena tour.

One Direction review: Harry and Niall show rocks Suncorp

THE last time I saw the boys of One Direction was October 2013.

We've all had birthdays since then, so I was looking forward to hearing their music and of course how they had matured.

Just quietly, I was excited to be asked to do this again. Nothing like being surrounded by swarming hormonal teenage girls to make you feel young again. 

The 2013 show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre was my now 15-year-old daughter's first concert. This time it was my almost 13-year-old's first time.

There was a bit of stress because she's a little tiny dot and she couldn't see properly but that didn't seem to matter about two seconds into the band's first song Clouds.

Niall Horan and Harry Styles pictured during their Brisbane concert last night.
Niall Horan and Harry Styles pictured during their Brisbane concert last night. Ally Elphinstone

Suncorp Stadium went off louder than Queensland winning an Origin decider. There were fireworks to match and her smile was just as bright.

The stage was set up with a rather long catwalk type runway that ran down the length of the park to a smaller stage at the end. This gave the boys the chance to wander up and down to various spots to sing or sit on what reminded me of a skate park type apparatus.

This showed us that they still had the energy to entertain us and the banter between songs is still very much part of their show, with Niall Horan showcasing his very best Aussie accent.  

Unfortunately it did take some of them a bit longer to look happy about being there than the others. Yeah Zayn, I'm looking at you (apparently he was jeg-lagged).

They belted out a good mix of songs from the Midnight Memories and Four albums, proving that their voices are stronger this time for sure. 

It was actually quite an intimate set for 40-odd thousand people, mostly female.

Better Than Words showcased a very hot Harry having to cool down with some water, oh my!

Should I be ashamed that knew all the words to all the songs?

Most people might say yes, but do I care? Nope.

It's something that I share with my girls and that makes us all happy.  

Does it help that these five boys are still a marketing dream with their good looks and charm? Who cares.  

It's working for them, their management and their fans - a win-win for everyone.

The last song of the night was Best Song Ever and it had my girls saying "best night ever".

Thank you boys, we danced all night to the best songs ever (well for this stage in time, according to my household, predominately made up of females).

During the encore sports-mad Niall came out in a Brisbane Lions jersey, an ode to his "mate Brownie", ie Jonathan Brown, who was in attendance.

Closer inspection of the jersey revealed a hand-written note by Brown reading: "To Niall, great to catch up mate, but I drank you under the table, you're a star".

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